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Our Clients include
individuals and organizations
seeking a range of fitness services.

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Our FP Network

Pay Structure

Our Fitness Providers are offered the same pay structure across the board.

1st Client Package serviced = Receive 60% of total package price.

Any Packages after 1st = Receive 70% of total package price.

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All information is optional, however, the more content you submit, the greater your chance of attracting new clients and the better our team can sell your services.

*Not all Fitness Providers are accepted into our network.

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If accepted into our network, you will begin getting Client referral requests.

Just reply within 24 hours to Accept a New Client when referred to you!

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Give the Clients 5-star service; just as you are already doing with your Clients!

You are making a huge difference in people’s lives and we appreciate your skills!

Important notice for all Applicants


This is a preliminary questionnaire. Please complete all items.
No phone number or payment information is needed. 
Estimated time to complete: 7-minutes.
*This is not a job application. 

Explore More Services

Fitness Website

Your website the first impression for future clients – let’s make it great!

  • Attract clients by showcasing your skills.
  • Fully customized, personalized and professional websites.
  • Ability to add a subscription newsletter to capture emails of potential clients.
  • Options to upgrade and boost your site’s features.

Social Media Content

It’s not easy coming up with new content day after day, and week after week. 

So let us do it for you!

  • Library of Industry-related content to stop potential clients in their scrolling.
  • Beautiful premium images, videos, and graphics that give you credibility.
  • Pick the social media platforms where your niche lives.

Promotional Video


Attract 3x more Clients with this powerful tool.

Showcase your professionalism and skills with a personalized promotional video.

Share your video on social media to get more referrals. Customize your video with pics, reviews, and more!

Consulting Services

Learn from the best!

Spend time with an expert in your industry discussing the following topics:

  • Strategy
  • Execution
  • Upselling
  • Customer Service
  • Ongoing Resources

Other Services

Need help with something more specific? Have a unique niche or business?

Send us more details and we will personalize a strategy to help you build your Client-base. 

If we cannot help you, we will help you find the right person so that you can continue growing your business. 

FP Referral Network

Apply to join our FREE Client Referral Network!

We refer our Clients to the top Fitness Providers in their region.

  • Set your own rates. 
  • Set your own schedule.


*NOTE: application must be approved to begin receiving Client Referrals.

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