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Looking for more Clients? Let them look for you!

With a personalized promotional video of your business, you can attract 3x more Clients. This powerful tool will showcase your skills and professionalism.

Skip all the expensive equipment. Send us your pictures, videos, or text and our Experts will design the perfect video for you.

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Promotional Videos


Attract more Clients
  • Get 3x more Clients with promotional videos.
  • Build trust with video testimonials and reviews. 
  • Generate more traffic to your website and social channels.
  • 64% of visitors are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it. 
  • Video engages and motivates people to action.
  • Competitive edge over other fitness providers.
  • Highlight your expertise and unique niche.
  • 80% of people remember a video they’ve watched in the past 30 days. 
  • Saves you time by having to answer the same questions over and over again.
  • High costs for quality personalized videos. However, professionals in fitness and wellness qualify for huge discounts. 
  • Boost your Google Search ranking
    • Google Business profiles with videos get more hits.
  • Level up the professionalism of your social channels and website.
  • Without video content, your content is harder to find for potential clients. 
  • Created by Fitness industry veterans to enhance your credibility and ability to attract new clients.


Select the Promotional Video package that works best for your fitness business.


Receive a link with a brief survey, including:

• Highlight key aspects of your business.
• Import pictures, videos.
• Customize brand colors.

Receive your
Promotional Video

Receive your Promotional Video within 7-10 business days!

Choose your package


$ 99
  • 1 Personalized Promotional Video
  • Premium supplementary images, videos, + templates
  • Customized with your images, videos, + text
  • Up to 90 seconds long
  • Horizontal MP4 format file and online link to video
  • Ability to share on your website, social media pages or by email + SMS


$ 149
  • 2 Personalized Promotional Videos
  • All items in Basic Package
  • PLUS Audio options:
  • • Custom music to match video
  • • Voice-over narration
  • • Voiced testimonials


$ 299
  • 4 Personalized Promotional Videos
  • All items in Pro Package
  • PLUS Social-ready duplicates for each promotional video:
  • • Horizontal orientation
  • • Vertical layout responsive for Facebook + Instagram reels
Best Value

Stand out from others in your field with a custom promotional video!
Did you know that the majority of consumers now get their information via online videos?

Fitness Provider Team

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Fitness Website

Your website the first impression for future clients – let’s make it great!

  • Attract clients by showcasing your skills.
  • Fully customized, personalized and professional websites.
  • Ability to add a subscription newsletter to capture emails of potential clients.
  • Options to upgrade and boost your site’s features.

Social Media Content

It’s not easy coming up with new content day after day, and week after week. 

So let us do it for you!

  • Library of Industry-related content to stop potential clients in their scrolling.
  • Beautiful premium images, videos, and graphics that give you credibility.
  • Pick the social media platforms where your niche lives.

Promotional Video


Attract 3x more Clients with this powerful tool.

Showcase your professionalism and skills with a personalized promotional video.

Share your video on social media to get more referrals. Customize your video with pics, reviews, and more!

Consulting Services

Learn from the best!

Spend time with an expert in your industry discussing the following topics:

  • Strategy
  • Execution
  • Upselling
  • Customer Service
  • Ongoing Resources

Other Services

Need help with something more specific? Have a unique niche or business?

Send us more details and we will personalize a strategy to help you build your Client-base. 

If we cannot help you, we will help you find the right person so that you can continue growing your business. 

FP Referral Network

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We refer our Clients to the top Fitness Providers in their region.

  • Set your own rates. 
  • Set your own schedule.


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